Samsung finally introduced its foldable smartphone, these are the features

 After many rumors and leaks, Samsung has now introduced its foldable smartphone into the SDC 2018 keynote in San Francisco. Samsung has introduced this technology in the name of infinity flakes display, which turns the tablet size smartphone into a candy bar size. Until some time ago, this technology was seen only in movies, but now it will actually be seen.
In SDC 2018 Keynote SVP Justin Denison of Mobile Product Marketing has introduced this twisted smartphone in a very light in front of it. Denison had said that currently it is important to hide the designs of this smartphone’s designs. He said that the company had to raise the material from the end to make a different design element.
Many elements have been used to make the smartphone screen foldable.
Samsung will also offer an additional special one UI to walk in this Infinity Flakes display. Whether you are Multi-Tasking or View Content, One UI is designed to deliver wonderful expressions both in compact firm factor and without folded design.
In this, users can run together with three apps and Samsung is telling the name of this technology as Multi-Active Window. By hearing only, developers have worked hard to make this work possible, and that is why Samsung has introduced them in the SDC.