New feature will be available to iPhone users soon, they will be able to use the app without downloading

iPhone New feature

Tech company Apple is about to launch a new feature for its users soon. The name of this feature is Clips. Through this feature, users will be able to use some of its features without downloading the third-party mobile app.


Apart from this, this feature has also been spotted in the upcoming iOS 14. However, the company has not yet shared official information regarding the iOS 14 operating system and the launch of the new feature.

According to Apple’s Clips feature media report, users have to scan the QR code to use the new feature of Apple. Through this, users will be able to use mobile without installing the app.

In addition, this feature will be part of the API. At the same time, developers will also be able to access information about the special features of the mobile app through the API. Also, users will get features of the app as a preview.

This feature is available on the Android platform. For your information, let us know that a feature like clips is available on the Android platform.

The name of this feature is Slices. This feature offers special features of select mobile apps on Google Assistant and search results so that users can use these features. Also, users do not need to download the mobile app. On the other hand, Apple has not yet clarified whether the support of the clips feature will be given in the latest Siri.