Will Google Photos Delete Your Photos? How much cost to buy google storage

How much cost to buy google storage? Will Google Photos Delete Your Photos?

How much cost to buy google storage

From June 1, unlimited free storage for ‘high resolution’ photos on the Google Photos app is going to end. Google introduced this policy in November last year.

In such a situation, if you were also using Google Photos App to backup your photos, then you also have to worry about storage space, So let’s understand the whole issue.

Will your photos be deleted by Google?

People have a question that will your photos in Google Photos be deleted after June 1? So let’s understand what Google is going to change.

Actually, Google gives its users a total of 15GB of free storage space, This storage space is divided into Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos app.

Before 1 June, if you uploaded a photo with a high resolution on the Google Photos app, it would not count in 15 GB of storage. That is, users were able to upload unlimited photos with high resolution.

The same rule will change from 1 June. Under the new rule, from June 1, these photos will also be counted in the 15GB free quota.

If you want to upload photos even after 15 GB is over, then storage will have to be purchased.

Google says that earlier photos will not be affected by the policy change. So any high-resolution photos that you uploaded before June 1 will not be counted in 15GB of storage, nor will they be deleted, But all photos uploaded from June 1 will be counted in your storage space lets check How much cost to buy google storage.

How to see how much storage is left in google?

If you want to check how much you have left out of 15 GB of free storage, then the method is very easy. First of all, go to a browser and login with your Google account.

Here you will also find out how much storage is taken by Gmail and how much Drive and Photos have taken.

Now open this link:  https://one.google.com/u/1/storage.

How to see how much storage is left in google

How much cost to buy google storage?

For storage, we will have to get a Google One membership. Google has introduced several plans for this membership at different prices.

The basic plan starts at 100GB for which Rs 130 per month or Rs 1300 per year will have to be paid. Similarly, the fee of 200GB plan starts at Rs 210 per month.

Apart from this, 2 TB will be available for Rs 650 per month (or Rs 6,500 annually), 10 TB for Rs 3,250 per month, 20 TB for Rs 6,500 per month and 30 TB storage for Rs 9,750 per month.