Google added a Covid layer to the map for safety in travel in 220 countries of the world


San Francisco, September 24 (IANS). Keeping in mind the safety of its users in the corona pandemic, Google has included the COVID layer in its map. Under this, Covid-19 details in 220 countries of the world.

This feature of the COVID layer in Google Maps present in all Android and iOS will be launched from this week.

The figures shown in the COVID layer will be obtained by several official sources, including John Hopkins,The New York Times, World Health Organization, Government Health Ministry, local health agencies, and hospitals, etc.

As soon as you open Google Map, you will see the layers button on the right side of the screen, on the right side, information related to Covid-19 will be revealed to you.

Google Map Product Manager Sujoy Banerjee said in a statement on Wednesday, that the place where you open the map will show new cases of COVID on an average of seven days per one lakh people, along with this information It will be given that the cases may increase or decline in the coming time.

Color coding is also available on the map so that the density of cases in an area can be easily adjusted.

This feature will be available in all 220 countries and regions where Google Map supports and where state or province, county, and city-level data are available.